There are a very limited number of ways to outright get gold in New World. Completing quests in the game doesn’t reward a lot of gold, which makes passively farming gold by playing the game normally practically impossible. This brings us to the best methods for farming larger amounts of gold.

Gathering Items to Sell

If you don’t feel like crafting you can still be a supplier of the crafters and make a good bit of profit. Since there is no real cost to go out and gather materials, this is an all-profit method of farming gold. You can keep it simple and go farm a large amount of a common resource and sell it slowly over time on the market. But you can also go out for a rarer or more in-demand resource and farm it, like the newly added Sulfur.

Selling Gear and Loot

This is another way to collect New World gold coins. You complete quests, fight enemies and gather different items that you can sell to vendors and earn coins. You may even get good armor items that you can swap out without even buying them. As you level up in the game, you can fight high-level enemies that will help you earn better armor items and resources in the loot.

Sell Crafting Materials

Everyone wants to level up the crafting skills quickly, and no one wants to actually waste all that time gathering raw materials. Selling simple resources and raw materials at the Trading Post is a good way to make money off of beginner players impatient to progress.

Materials like Fiber (harvested from Hemp), Stone, and Wood are easy enough to farm in any area if a bit of a timesuck to gather in large quantities. Fishing is not a bad way to make money either, as salvaged materials from fish such as Fish Oil are in demand from players interested in increasing their Cooking experience.

Finally, Buy New World Gold coins

All these ways require you to invest a lot of your time in the game to earn a good amount of gold coins. You have to repeat similar activities, again and again, to pile up your coins. So, there is a high chance that you may lose interest in the game. But, what if there is an easy way to boost your pile of gold coins? is an authentic online website where you can buy new world gold and enjoy a better gaming experience.