Enzyme is the catalyst of various biochemical reactions, which can reduce the reaction speed without changing the balance point of the reaction. Therefore, the products produced by 500l hybrid still equipment are mild to preserve food, and are generally used in wild fruits, root vegetables, various fruits, stem and leaf vegetables, etc. People's pursuit of health is increasing day by day, and its market heat shows a high gradient increasing trend.

500l hybrid still equipment strictly controls the time, ensures the good effect of enzymes, maintains the acid-base balance in the body, regulates the human body, plays a role in strengthening the stomach and eliminating food, increasing appetite, generating fluid and quenching thirst. Its production process is to first select materials, clean them, make them dry, and then cut them. Put 500l hybrid still equipment into the mix, after the deployment of filling and sealing, labeling, coding, and then a series of processes to packaging finished products.

Where is the business opportunity of 500l hybrid still equipment? At present, people are very concerned about their health and quality of life, and it has developed into a food that consumers like to buy. 500l hybrid still equipment is hygienic and convenient.

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