The working principle of RFID technology is completed by three parts of the structure, the reader sends a radio frequency signal, generate an electromagnetic field, after receiving the electronic tag, with the energy obtained by the induction current to send out the product information stored in the chip, or the tag actively sends a signal of a certain frequency, the reader reads the information and decoded, sent to the central information system for data processing.

The use and advantages of RFID in silicone reservoir supplier

With the increasing aging of China's population and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of people hospitalized for medical treatment has increased year by year, and the consumption of hospital medical consumables has also shown an increasing trend year by year. The large use of medical consumables, especially high-value consumables, has brought great pressure to the management of hospital consumables. Whether it is the guidance of the Commission of Health and Construction on the establishment of a modern hospital management system, which requires hospitals to fully implement performance management and improve hospital operation efficiency, or the DRG grouping and payment technical specification issued by the State Medical Insurance Bureau makes it clear that medical insurance pays according to the disease diagnosis related grouping (DRG), so that the management and control of drugs and consumables become an important part of hospital operation, creating intelligent, intelligent and intelligent hospital management. Standardized medical consumables management system has become a necessary condition for hospitals to improve quality and service patients.

RFID smart medical cabinet uses the new radio frequency technology, each consumable is numbered with an electronic tag, the reader automatically scans and identifies the consumable information, and tracks the use process of consumables with the data management system, from procurement, acceptance, receipt, distribution, use, scrap and other processes to monitor, covering the entire life cycle of consumables, providing accurate data support. To achieve fast scanning, batch reading, inventory accurate and efficient functions.

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