How to make more Gil consistently in FFXIVMaking Gil in FFXIV is easy, but doing so FFXIV Gil consistently requires knowledge about the market and a bit of experience. In this guide, you will learn how to earn using the market board. 

Although it’s more fun to earn Gil in-game, if you cannot afford the playtime, you can always buy FFXIV Gil directly from websites. Without further ado, here are a few tips For those of you who like to earn more Gil in the game.

A common mistake with vendor price.

The auction house in Final Fantasy XIV charges you tax every time you make a transaction on the market. So when you are listing items in the market, you are not receiving the mentioned amount.

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The amount displayed includes tax. Before you put an item for sale, check its history and find out what it usually sells for, factor taxes into that amount, and then vendor it.

Taxes may not see, much but over time it racks up. Large transactions carry with them a huge fee, so always be wary of the vendor price and avoid selling at or below vendor price.

Delivery fee.

The Market Board lists items across all the major cities in the game. While buying something you will notice that there is an icon just beside price which indicates the city in which the item is listed.

If you’re in the same city as the item is listed, then the game will not charge you any delivery fee. Let’s assume you are in Gridania and you spot an item on the Market Board that is listed in Limsa Lominsa. You get a prompt that will mention the fee being charged for that transaction.

To remove the fee you can simply teleport to the same city as the listed item and buy it there. Once again, the fee might not seem much, but it can accumulate to a significant amount if you do a lot of cross-town transactions.

Market history.

Unlike other games in Final Fantasy XIV, you can check the history of all items listed on the market. You can see who bought the item and how much they paid for it. The information can be very beneficial and prevents you from getting scammed by low-ballers.

The feature is also beneficial if you are selling items on the market board. Since you already know what people are already paying for it you can price yours accordingly without overshooting or undercutting your price by too much.

Parting thoughts.

Selling and buying items on Market Board forms a core part of the Final Fantasy XIV experience. There are players who have made a fortune (in the game) and they play only for the thrill of selling and buying. However, not everyone is like that.

Some players like to fight enemies and hunt monsters. They enjoy the battle aspect more than the farming element. If you’re one of them and despise farming currency then you can buy FFXIV accounts directly from websites and have all the good stuff ready to go. They are cheap and save you hours’ worth of in-game grind. These websites also offer discounts making the transaction even cheaper.

Playing FFXIV and earning Gil is fun. But for times when you cannot afford the time to Final Fantasy XIV Gil do so, you can always get the Gil with a single click. Happy gaming!